Chapter 1

One day, I am told, I was born. I don't remember that but I'm inclined to believe that it did happen. Eventually I went to Ball State University. Initially I majored in Fine Art with a concentration in painting, but soon I switched to Telecommunications with a focus in Audio Engineering.

Standing in the Alvord Desert

Chapter 2

Then I moved to Chicago. I worked in live music for a while. Mostly it was weddings but I worked with a handful of big artists, most notably a series of rallies leading up to the Cubs 2016 world series victory. I also painted pet portraits on the side, like this one:

Portrait of Hunter

Chapter 3

I got a dog! His name is Atlas.

Atlas is cute

Chapter 4

I wanted to make myself a website for the pet portrait side hustle. On this site I wanted to provide a payment calculator so clients could determine the price of a given size of pet portrait. I learned some JavaScript.

"It made me feel powerful"

Mandelbrot set I coded in Rust

It was all over for me. Soon, I would be working as a Front End Developer.

Chapter 5

I moved to Portland, Oregon.

Welcome to Oregon I did contract work in web development for a while. I started making computer games and experimenting with other languages on the side. I liked working in web, but I had tasted the power of programming and I knew that

"I had to go deeper"

Chapter 6

So I got a Master's degree from Portland State University in Computer Science. I worked on some research, building tools to help Civil Engineers study Earthquakes and on cutting-edge Server Security. I took some classes too, and learned some pretty neat stuff.

Chapter 7

Tune in next time to find out...

Scuba diving!