Chess 4X

Your favorite characters from the international smash hit Chess are back!

C# Unity3d

The idea here is that it's a take on Chess with inspiration from 4X games. I had a couple ideas that were fun to explore, but it's been sitting unfinished for a while now.

The gist of it was that every turn your king makes one pawn, and by arranging those pawns into the shapes another piece moves by you can transform those pawns into a knight, bishop, or rook.

It's simpler than it sounds, hopefully a little easier to grok with pictures.

An "L" of pawns creates a Knight.

Creating a Knight

4 diagonal pawns create a Bishop.

Creating a Bishop

4 horizontal pawns create a Rook.

Creating a Rook

I still think it's a pretty neat idea, but as is it's simply not that interesting to play. A winner tends to emerge relatively quickly, but with the King spitting out pawns getting checkmate is fairly difficult.

I'm still thinking on it from time to time -- but I think I need to re-evaluate. Part of me would really like to add more 4X elements but I also want to keep it simple. I'm hoping to figure out some more elegant solutions down the line and revisit it.

You can Play it here on Itch.io.